In 1994, Nike introduced their first football boot, the Tiempo Premier, and now – 20 years later – they launch the Tiempo XX pack, which celebrates the original Tiempo Premier. The Tiempo XX Pack consist of the Tiempo Legend V and Tiempo 94 with very unique materials and colours – come along and let's take a closer look.

It's been 20 years since the Tiempo Premier saw the light of day, and at the World Cup final between USA and Brazil, no less than 10 players were wearing the new Nike boot that would show to be synonymous with absolute top quality.

And when someone turns 20, it should be celebrated properly – and this is certainly what Nike are doing. They have launched the Nike Tiempo XX Pack, which consists of a Tiempo Legend V and a Tiempo 94 sneaker and has been made in just 500 copies.

If the Tiempo XX Pack sounds like something for you, then you can secure your own copy right here – just €350.

In order to underline that the Tiempo series is associated with the use of the very best materials, Nike have equipped the Tiempo XX Pack with the best and most exclusive kangaroo leather, called Alegria leather; it is the purest and most natural piece of kangaroo leather to be found.

This is something you can very much feel when holding the Tiempo Legend V in your hands, as the material is clearly remarkably softer and more supple. Have Nike paved the way for using Alegria kangaroo leather in connection with other exclusive football boots in the future? We sure hope so – and so our feet as well.

In addition, both the Tiempo Legend V and the Tiempo 94 have been designed with white and black, which are the original colours for the Tiempo Premier. Nike have, although, mixed things up a little and gone for white as the main colour. The medial side of the Tiempo Legend V is black, which we have to applaud – it really looks sharp.

But even though the colours are kept traditional and white/black, the Tiempo XX Pack also marks that the modern footballer likes to be a little colourful and likes to express him/herself – and therefore, Nike have equipped the Tiempo Legend V with a silver swoosh and tongue, as well as the option of neon lacing. Oh yes, neon. Modern stuff!

The same may be said about the Tiempo 94, where the traditional look is complemented by a pink sole, as well as the option to change the black laces for a matching pink version. In other words, you can spice up both the Legend V and the Tiempo 94 if you want, or you can go with the more classic option if you prefer.

Still they have not slowed down on the details for the Tiempo XX Pack, and in order to underline the 20 years anniversary for the Tiempo series, Nike have equipped bot the Legend V and Tiempo 94 with two XX's on the heel – XX is Roman for 20, and marks the twenty years of excellent craftsmanship for the Tiempo series.

The Nike Tiempo Legend V is the latest generation of Nike's popular football silo, which on classic virtues such as comfort and touch in mind, but yet still makes use of the latest modern technology. Therefore, the Legend V is equipped with the Hypershield technology that ensures that the boots upper takes up remarkably less water in wet conditions, compared to previous models, hereby resulting in a lighter and more comfortable experience.

The other part of the Tiempo XX Pack is the sneaker, Tiempo 94, which is created to celebrate the classic design that was seen on the original Tiempo Premier football boot. The design has, although, been spiced up, and in order to take into consideration that football is played everywhere and that people also think of football off the pitch, it has been equipped with a rubber sole, so you can play regardless of surface – and use it for everyday use if you feel like it. A classic, nice sneaker with a history that only very few shoes can match.

If the Tiempo XX Pack sounds like something for you, then you can secure your own copy right here – just €350.

The Nike Tiempo is among the ageing part of the current football silos that we see on the market, and the good people from the swoosh have managed to mark the Tiempo series in style with the Tiempo XX Pack. What are your thoughts on the unique football boots, and what is your best Tiempo memory? Feel free to leave a message here, or on Facebook and Twitter.