Last Friday Puma hosted a huge event in Barcelona where they, together with Thierry Henry, Mario Balotelli, Marco Reus and Cesc Fabregas, launched their new big silo, evoPOWER. We were there – and here is a little teaser for our event video.

There is no reason to try and hide that we are well excited for events in connection with launches of exciting new football boots, footballs or other nice gear – and PUMAs launch event for the new evoPOWER was no exception. We sent Joltter off to Barcelona, and a video is on it's way – you can already now watch a video teaser right below.

At the event in Barcelona you could test the new boot against an innovative evoPOWER Wall, which, via HawkEye technology, could measure both how hard and accurate the many lucky competition winners could strike with the new football boot.

Later during the day Reus, Fabregas and Super Mario showed up and did also do a challenge to see who had brought the most evoPOWER-ness.

The PUMA evoPOWER concept is built around the thought that you can add the most power to your strikes with the bare foot, and the evoPOWER is therefore built to move together with your foot without hampering the movement – and the many participants surely also looked to be well pleased with PUMA's latest addition.

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Now that the hype from last weeks intense focus on the evoPOWER has settled a little, what are your thoughts on the concept? Is it to you liking, and do you believe in it? Feel free to share your thoughts here, or on Facebook and Twitter.