Unisport quiz: Women’s World Cup 2019 | Which football player are you?


Written by Milan

The world Cup in women’s football is certainly in progress, and because of that we thought it could be fun to devise a quick quiz for you guys. Are you France's Eugénie Le Sommer or US star player Alex Morgan? Take the test and find out now!

Unisport’s Women’s World Cup 2019 Quiz

Have you seen all or most of the matches so far, like we have at Unisport? Do you get butterflies in your stomach when you think of the next game to be played? Perhaps you even catch yourself googling many of the skilled football players, simply because you just want to know it all.

In any case, this quiz is for you who just can't get enough of the World Cup in women’s football in France. Or who would just like to find out, which of the current best female football players in the world you have the most in common with based on the quiz.

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At this moment, you might be thinking ‘how can a quiz determine which player I’m equivalent to?’ and we don’t blame you. However, as a matter of fact the quiz has been created in a way where it takes into account some of the most important variables we believe are crucial in order for the quiz to decide whether you have numerous football-related features in common with French Le Sommer, Norwegian Ada Hegerberg or a completely different football player. That’s why you may encounter questions such as what position you play or have played on the pitch. You may even have to select a word which you believe describes how you see yourself as a football player.

Having said that, we are obviously not interested in spoiling all the fun stuff for you and reveal all the questions, so if you are curious to find out which of the best female stars on the pitch at present you match with, don't wait any longer and take the test now.

Are you ready? Take the test here!