The World Cup in Women’s football party continues in our store | Visit World’s Best Football Store and feel the World Cup spirit


Written by Milan

The World Cup fever has truly begun, and at Unisport we proceed with the party with a whole new Initiative Zone. Learn all about the World Cup, the shirts and the players and get hold of your World Cup products at Unisports Flagship Store.

Typically characterized by shining through with our enormous amount of football products on the famous main shopping street in Copenhagen, at the end of Jorcks Passage on “Strøget”, the Unisport Flagship Store is located. Since the World Cup in women's football is in full swing, we have naturally chosen to restructure the look of our store - both from an exterior and interior perspective. Let's start with the exterior.

Looking at the outside part of the shop, the old posters have been replaced by national female French players, as the tournament is held in France. Moving a bit further to the entrance, you will notice the quote "Don't change your dream, change the world" in front of the shop, a quote taken from Nike’s powerful "Dream Further" ad - specifically developed in connection with the Women’s Football World Cup.

When you enter the store, on the right you will see our well-known Initiative Zone, which is now exclusively about the World Cup in Women’s Football, hence being the utmost interior change. Here you will notice exhibited models of France’s home and away shirt, World Cup inspired videos on our 9 flat-screen TVs and last but not least additional posters of the French national team players with an overall focus on the World Cup in women’s football.

By continuing further into the store, you will be able to see the rest of our wide range of World Cup shirts. Do not miss the opportunity to experience the World Cup fever at Unisport. Come by our Flagship Store and get hold of a World Cup soccer shirt whose country you would like to support or just think is cool.

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