New Mizuno Morelia II colourway | A tribute to the Japanese art of design


Written by Zlatko

Mizuno is known for handcrafted boots that displays unique and supreme design abilities and love for football boots. Now Mizuno is ready to give their Mizuno Morelia II even more love with a plain royal blue and gold boot.

Mizuno Morelia

Mizuno football boots are on the top shelf when it comes to design, quality and engineering, and you can really feel that the Japanese brand puts a lot of heart and joy into the task of making football boots. The Morelia was introduced back in the 80’s, where it was a contender against the classic Copa Mundial. But already then Mizuno displayed their skills and created one of the lightest leather boots at that time, which displayed the product tradition of Japan, while being years ahead of the competitors.

It’s these proud traditions that Mizuno wants to pay tribute to with their latest colourway for the Mizuno Morelia II, as engineering, construction and design are some of their most well-known craftsmanship’s. Put all of this together and you get a modern version of the Morelia classic made in a cool royal blue colourway with golden details to top of the look. With other words a sweet colourway from Mizuno.

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Mizuno Morelia is a part of Mizuno’s Made in Japan Series, which is a quality mark for handmade football boots, yes you red correct, handmade! To secure the high-quality, Mizuno makes all their Made in Japan boots by hand, where they only use handpicked premium materials. One of the processes includes the Mizuno signature last, which gets adjusted to the boot over 24 hours. All of the processes that the boot gets to be a part of are all done by experts combined with technologies and materials of high class, which secures that the boots get the Made in Japan stamp.

The Morelia II comes with a scotchguard kangaroo leather, which is light, flexible and gives a barefoot experience, while the Wave Fit lace system offers you a secure lockdown, which minmising any form of slippage in the shoe.

If you’re ready for a next level leather boot then the Morelia II is just made for you. Get your pair at Unisport from today.

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