adidas Dark Script | The arrival of the dark knights


Written by Milan

Now that we are approaching the final stages of the World Cup in Women’s football, adidas is yet again ready to introduce a new adidas pack – this time called Dark Script. Both the X, Nemeziz, Predator and Copa – all of the brand’s four silos are included. So, make the script and get ready for pre-season with the new Dark Script Pack.

Ahead of the new 2019/20 season, as always adidas are ready to suit up players like Messi, Pogba and Özil with a cool new blackout pack. Staying true to the tradition, this summer is of course no exception. There is no doubt that the new Dark Script Pack looks awesome, so let’s take a closer look to the pack and the four boot silos.

Purely tech-wise, the details haven’t changed a lot, yet there are some visual changes that are of course worth considering. First of all, it seems that adidas have attempted to truly live up to the blackout pack-name, as all four boot silos encompass an intense all-black colour.

Starting from an end, the adidas X 19+ slightly resembles the boots from the previous pack with the pixelated soleplates, however, the pixelated design on the back of the boot gives it an awesome military look. In addition, the boots have the eyecatchy “X” on the back of the boots, indisputably marking their coolness.

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Because of the all-black look on the boots, the Predator 19+ gets an iridescent appearance, literally making players shine when they rush on the pitch. Moving further, when looking at the Nemeziz 19+ boots, one might truly get the feeling of why we have chosen to call the arrival of the new blackout pack as the dark knights, as these boots especially resemble the Batman suit from the Dark Knight. Last but not least, the Copa 19+ on the other hand hold a more classic look, while being futuristically modernized with the new all-black colour.

Summer is all about making your script for the next season – go into dark mode with the new Dark Script Pack and hustle through the pre-season.

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