January gave us the launch of the PUMA evoPOWER 1, which is PUMA's most ambitious football boot launch ever – and it has seen nice support from stars like Mario Balotelli, Cesc Fabregas and Marco Reus. Now the boot has landed, and therefore we decided to do an unboxing, to give an idea of what's in store for all the new evoPOWER players.

With the PUMA evoPOWER 1, the German company from Herzogenaurach have taken a brand new approach towards power – and the boot takes departure in a concept that you can deliver the most powerful strikes with your bare feet.

Therefore, the new evoPOWER has been created with an upper and a sole that moves naturally with your foot as it bends and hereby allows to obtain as much power for your strike as possible.

And the new evoPOWER has certainly also been well received – Mario Balotelli, Cesc Fabregas. Marco Reus, Yaya Toure, Dante, Nemanja Vidic and many more players are already wearing the new PUMA football boot.

Are you liking the PUMA evoPOWER 1? Then grab your own pair right here – just €180.

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Joltter has also joined the evoPOWER team, and unboxes the new football boot – but things do not exactly go as planned, and a rather super-grown evoPOWER comes in the way. And no, we have not done some smart editing – it really is that huge...

The PUMA evoPOWER has been well received, but what do you think of the new football boot – and what are your thoughts on the oversized evoPOWER? Take your football passion to a social level and drop your comments on Facebook and Twitter.