G-Form is back | Take a look at the new shin pads


Written by William

Are you ready for the new season? Are you sure? Because G-Form has just given you an opportunity to be more protected and ready for the big battles on the pitch. It’s time for the G-Form PRO-S Blade.

G-Form revolutionized the game when they released their first shin guards a couple of years ago. The technology in their products were new to everyone. They have shown us all that shin pads doesn’t necessarily need to be a boring part of football but something where you can feel geared up to the fullest.

Now G-Form are showing their skills again with the new PRO-S Blade shin pads. And let’s just say that we’re excited about this. Let’s check them out together:

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The former models like the PRO-S Elite gave us a product were the shin guard was incorporated in a sleeve – but without any distractions like feeling bulky or having a need for using sock tape. And now the product has been optimized.

The shin pad and sleeve have divided into two pieces now. But the performance has only been improved. The two pieces will offer you more options so you can decide the fit yourself. You can wear the pads by themselves on the inside of your sock or you can put them in the super comfortable sleeve as well.

G-Form are still using their patented Reaction Protection Technology (RPT) padding which is both soft and flexible during running but hardens when there’s an impact. The shin pads contain molecules that repel each other which makes the material flexible and soft. The molecules bind together right away during impact – this causes the shin pads to stiffen up, absorb and release the energy again from the impact, giving you the best protection possible.

And just to add more stuff to this – the shin pads and the sleeves are also machine washable. Which is pretty nice for all of us…

We’re excited about the new G-Form PRO-S BLADE. If you want to get your own pair of these, you can find them right here.