This Thursday, Gareth Bale trained in a previously unseen football boot – and things could point towards Adidas having something very special in store for us ahead of the looming World Cup. Gareth Bale’s Adidas boots look very unique and there have already been many guesses as to what it could be. We take a closer look at it here.

One of the advantages of being a superstar like Gareth Bale, is that you get to try the very newest football boots before everyone else – and Bale is also the very first player we have seen wearing the new Adidas boot. But what exactly is Bale testing?

Usually the pacey Welshman wears the Adidas F50 Adizero, which is currently the lightest boot on sale; it does however not take much to see that Gareth Bale is not wearing his usual Orange/Black Adizero boots.

Bale is instead wearing another neon coloured model, which at the same time is equipped with black zigzag-shapes running down the boots. The sole on Bale’s new Adidas football boot is orange and certainly stands out from the rest – Marcelo certainly looks impressed…

The rumours are that Gareth Bale is testing the coming Adidas Crazylight, which should be a groundbreaking football boot, when it comes to low weight and speed. If the name, Crazylight, is anything to go by the boot will be, well crazily light and reportedly lighter than the current Adizero. This is however all speculation, as Adidas are yet to confirm anything.

But wait, didn’t Adidas show off a special Adizero last May, weighing just 99 grams? Yes, you heard right, - but back then Adidas said that the boot wouldn’t see the light of day, before 2015, which is some time away. If that does turn out to be the boot, which Bale is testing, then Adidas have really sped up proceedings. Adidas have shown before that they are capable of constructing a ridiculously light boot, so maybe the name Crazylight is quite apt.

It looks like Gareth Bale wanted to show off his new Adizero boots in the weekend, but on Friday the Real Madrid winger was back in his trusted Orange/Black boots, so we may have to wait a while before seeing the new secret model.

Not much is, as of yet official when it comes to Gareth Bale’s mysterious Adidas boots, – but one thing is certain; as soon as we have more information, you can find out here first. We are definitely excited – are you? Share your thoughts in the comment-section down below, or on Facebook and Twitter.

All pictures are from Real Madrid’s Facebook page.