Dortmund away shirt | New design from PUMA


Written by William

Borussia Dortmund is well known for their dedicated fans, big stadium and a desire to work hard every single game. This year the club celebrates its 110th anniversary which PUMA are acknowledging with the new away shirt.

Last season Borussia Dortmund were just 2 points from the mighty rivals of Bayern Munich at the end of the Bundesliga campaign. A huge disappointment for the big club who had been in the main position most of the season but failed to keep the consistency. They’re planning on doing better in the new season.

They will do it with fight, hard work and passion in the games. And this attitude is something that has been incorporated in the new Borussia Dortmund away shirt from PUMA. A shirt which honors the city, the area and the culture. It’s a different away shirt compared to the last couple of seasons. How? Let’s find out!

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The city of Dortmund is located in the district of Ruhr in the western part of Germany. An area full of industry and factories. This is primarily an industry of mining and steel where the environment can be tough. The word “tough” has always been a part of Dortmund. And now PUMA want to show us all that the club has the same attitude when they walk onto the pitch.

Usually the away shirts have been black with yellow details. Almost always the opposite of their iconic home shirt. But this season, PUMA wanted to make the away shirt iconic as well. And it’s really a beauty. Instead of the classic yellow details there’s now a shiny silver on the shoulders and as an all over graphic in the same colour as well. Even the PUMA logo and the sponsors are made in silver this which is a clear reference to the steel industry of Ruhr.

The shirt still has the classic yellow and black Borussia Dortmund badge. This will never change. As a last detail the shirt also has the German words “110 Jahre. Gestern. Heute. Morgen. Für Immer. Borussia Dortmund” written inside the back of the neck. This directly translates to: “110 years. Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow. Forever. Borussia Dortmund” as an homage to the culture and history of the city and the club.

We think this is a beautiful football shirt. And it’s going to be exciting to watch Reus, Witsel, Götze and all the others stars wearing this when they’re away from home. The Borussia Dortmund away shirt for the 2019/20 season is available from the 16th of July at Unisport.