Joltter was a trip to Munich, where he got the chance to interview Nike’s Shawn Hoy, who is the Footwear Product Director at Nike. Shawn Hoy explained the thoughts behind the elegant Tiempo XX Pack.

The fifth generation of the Nike Tiempo Legend football boot was unveiled in December, after two years of development on the already brilliant Tiempo IV. It was definitely worth the wait, but actually Nike had more aces up their sleeve.

This year is the 20th anniversary of the Tiempo collection and it this was something Nike wanted to celebrate in style, with the special Tiempo XX Pack. Watch the video below to hear Footwear Product Director Shawn Hoy impart some of his extensive knowledge below.

You can still secure a Nike Tiempo XX Pack – just €350.

The Pack is comprised of the Tiempo Legend V football boot and a Tiempo 94 sneaker, which is made of the fantastic Alegria-leather, which gives a completely sensational comfort. Alegria, which Shawn Hoy points out is the Portuguese word for happiness and is the most premium leather available anywhere. Shawn says it himself: "What better way to honour it, than use the best leather we have, - we love Alegria."

It is apparent that the historic element of the Nike Tiempo collection, is something that the popular brand is very proud of. The first Tiempo football boot goes all the way back to the days, where Romario was performing his magic for Brazil and a young ‘Henke’ Larsson still had his long locks. Shawn Hoy describes the Tiempo collection as Nike’s heritage and is proud to present this Tiempo XX Pack, as a part of their 20th anniversary.

Shawn Hoy explains how the colours represent the classic look, which the Tiempo-collection is known for, while still incorporating the chrome colours, to add a modern twist. This is how Nike have managed to create a unique design, which is true to both Nike’s legacy and future.

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You can see Joltters entire interview with Shawn Hoy here. What do you think about the Tiempo XX Pack? And what would you have asked Shawn Hoy if you had the chance? Tell us in the comment-section down below, or on Twitter and Facebook.