The Morelia Neo II β | Another leather beauty from Mizuno


Written by William

Mizuno has once again given us a leather boot of the highest quality. The Japanese brand is experimenting with new and cool colourways. And they’re really hitting the right spot with their newest edition.

In Japan they have a famous approach to their industry. It’s called ‘Kaizen’. The concept is seen when building supercars for example. It means that you can optimize a products by changing some small details on every single piece or just getting rid of everything that can be unnecessary. When it comes to boots, this means that Mizuno can create a lighter boot for you.

The latest result of the Kaizen is the Mizuno Morelia Neo II β (Beta) - which is quite astonishing. I think we should take a further look at the boot together here:

Continued below.

Mizuno has taken every piece of the boot and made each one of them lighter to create their fastest boot yet. Let’s start talking about the upper;

The upper features a single stitched ultra thin leather forefoot This is connected to an almost transparent mesh. It’s covered in a soft suede lining to give you the best best fit. The tongue and the sockliner has also been shaved down to a minimum to get the extra grams off. All of this will give you one of the best barefoot feelings on the market.

The outsole has an extremely light polyurethane insert to reduce the weight by 10%. Overall the wight has been reduced to 170 grams but the boot is still as high performing and durable as ever. The Morelia Neo II β is Made in Japan and is engineered with performance in mind and as a result is double-bonded to ensure a long-lasting, durable product made not just for your best days.

The launch colour is an eye-catching and beautiful silver with a fresh looking outlined Golden Runbird. This is on of a kind and we hoping to see this on the pitches in the big leagues. The boot is a Limited Edition - and there are 3.500 pairs worldwide.

As always Unisport offers the Mizuno Satisfaction Guarantee. So if these iconic boots aren’t the thing for you, you can return them within 30 days

But we’re almost sure that these boots are made for you. You can find the Morelia Neo II β and all of our other Mizuno boots right here