Nike have pulled away some of the veil and given a little teaser for the brand new Dutch World Cup home shirt. Read along here and get an idea of what is in store for the Oranje.

We unfortunately cannot yet show you the full picture of the brand new Holland World Cup home shirt, but Nike are now ready with a little teaser, so you can get an idea of what to expect.

One thing we are however certain we will see on the new Dutch World Cup home shirt is naturally the colour orange. The orange colour has always been a tradition and something that fundamental is certainly not something Nike are about to change.

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Nike have since 1997 had the pleasure of designing shirts for the home of total-football. The partnership has brought along plenty of different and equally brilliant designs.

Orange is the colour of the Dutch royal family and that is the reason for the Dutch national team’s choice of design, even though their flag is blue, white and red. We have actually only ever seen Holland is a shirt coloured anything but orange and that was at the 1934 World cup, where dressed all in blue.

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We are really looking forward to seeing the new Holland World Cup home shirt, but we have to wait with excitement, before Nike fully unveil the new shirt. The wait is however not too long, as Holland will wear the new shirt for the first time in a week, when Holland face France away in a big friendly game.

Having to wait is never easy, especially not for something like this, but luckily it isn’t far off. How do you think the shirt will look? And what do you expect from Holland at this summer’s World Cup? Share your thoughts with us in the comment-section down below, or on Facebook and Twitter.