Hold your horses | The Nike Mercurial Vapor Speed Freak is here


Written by Milan

Nike are ready with a new Neymar signature boot, which is all about acceleration and speed. It is inspired by the rapidity of the Formula 1 racing car, but before revealing too much, let’s just take a look at the boots and go through the details together.

The past year we’ve witnessed several Nike Mercurial Neymar signature boots. From the ‘NJR Meu Jogo’ to the ‘NJR Silêncio’ football boots. Now Nike is ready to introduce a new and updated signature boot in collaboration with possibly the most hyped player at the moment: Neymar Jr. Ladies and gentleman, we present to you the Nike Mercurial Vapor NJR Speed Freak. And if you thought that these boots have something to do with speed and Formula 1, you thought right. Before we move on, take a minute to enjoy the pictures of the red/black/silverish beauty below.

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As you can see, the colourway for the new signature boots are white/silverish, red and black with the silver and black part on the inner and outer side of the boots indicating a checkered flag traditionally used within auto racing. The soleplates are likewise finished with a checkered flag, but in red and white. All this are meant to illustrate the speed of the Formula 1 racing sport and the quickness of Neymar Jr. In other words, you will experience an extreme rapidity in a figurative way when wearing the new NJR signature boots.

Besides the fast colours, the boots furthermore include many details on the back of the heel, including his name, the SHHH-design from his previous signature boot, the NJR Silêncio, and number 10: his current number in Paris Saint-Germain, among some of the fine points. Though, it is highly debatable if Neymar will wear number 10, if he gets signed by Barcelona or Real Madrid in the nearest future.

The Nike-Swoosh has also been given a fierce, iridescent design, as you can spot a silverish and black checkered flag inside of it. There is no doubt that the new NJR signature boots are something else, as its unique design really makes them stand out from all other Mercurials and we can’t wait to see Neymar wear these on the pitch when drifting by his opponents with inhuman speed.

Are you ready to stand out from the crowd and get your speed on?

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