We are certainly not lacking teasers for upcoming football boots today. Nike have just provided a little taster for their brand new silo, Magista, which lands on the 6th of March.

It’s a bit like Christmas… well, almost. Nike have launched a video, where they provide a teaser for their Nike Magista football boot, which is going to change football, and it will never be the same again – according to the video at least.

Nike have been out and about to show the new Magista football boot to stars like Andres Iniesta, Mario Götze (who has been wearing Mercurial before), David Luiz, as well as both Christian Eriksen and Victor Fisher, who have also both been Mercurial guys until now. Anyhow, all the players seem to be very much impressed by the new Magista football boot, and some of them even take it for a spin.

So far, Nike have held their cards tight in regards to the new Magista football boot, but we have already seen Götze, Iniesta and others training in a blackout boot with a tall shaft. Are these things related?

No matter what, the guys seem rather impressed by the new Nike Magista, and we are also getting more and more excited to find out more. One thing we did manage to notice was, that around the end of the video – after the Magista name – you can see the text Flyknit, which we know from Nike’s running shoes, and therefore we expect that it will be relevant in connection with the Nike Magista football boot.

Although they are far from giving it all away, and the Magista football boot appears blurred in the video, this is luckily not the last we will hear – and over the next days we will be able to tell a lot more. You know where to look for the news.

What are your initial thoughts on the new Nike Magista – and badly would you like to be in Iniesta’s place, and test the new football boot?