Paul Pogba Season 6 | New limited edition Predator boots


Written by Milan

Adidas and Paul Pogba are ready to launch the newest season 6 collection, which features new signature boots and apparel that showcases how the French midfielder sees himself in the digital world.

8 months have passed since the release of ‘PP’ Season 5 - the last Pogba collection, and this means that it’s time for the new ‘PP’ season 6, which besides the stunning special edition Paul Pogba signature boots, will feature new apparel as a part of the collection as well.

The collection is designed for and by none other than Paul Pogba, and his signature line can surely be witnessed on the iridescent ‘PP’ football-inspired logo on most of his apparel, including t-shirts, the jacket and the tracksuit. But let’s look at possibly the most important item here: the boots.

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Constituting a huge part of the special new adidas x Paul Pogba Season 6 collection, the football boots have a much more audacious look than the season 5 red/white/black design.

They are mostly carried out in black/purple/pink as the rest of the collection, and have a blackout upper with the well-known three stripes represented in a purple colourway, which slowly fades into pink. The shimmering soleplates likewise embody the purple and pink theme, providing a true and distinctive Paul Pogba look.

Tech-wise, the boots don’t stand much out as they’re the same as regular 19+ Predator’s with the Primeknit upper and molded heels which offers a snug fit, though with Paul Pogba’s ‘PP’ signature branding on the stretchy sockfit collar.

There’s no doubt that Paul Pogba is a player who embraces an extravagant look, which is certainly depicted on this thrilling new collection.

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