adidas reveals the official ball for Euro 2020 | The Uniforia is here!


Written by William

Today we will finally see the official match ball for one of the biggest events of 2020 - the European Football Championship. And it’s a pretty special design for a really special tournament.

The Euro 2020 is being played in not one but 12 different countries. It’s the first time ever that the tournament will have more than two host countries. The decision to do this is to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the tournament.

And for this special occasion, we also need a special ball. And that’s where the Uniforia comes in. I think we should enjoy the pictures and talk about the design of the ball afterwards.

Continued below.

The big mix of cultures, style of football, fans, art, music and emotions is the inspiration for this ball. The vast diversity from all over Europe is the message in the design of the Uniforia match ball which is more relevant than ever before. And like the structure of the tournament, the design of the ball has never been done before.

The design consists of a lot of different colours. It’s both chaotic and streamlined at the same time. The bright neon colours of pink, blue and yellow is a great contrast to the black which looks like it’s been brushed on to the material. Then we of course have the adidas branding with the official logo for the Euro 2020 tournament.

As a nice detail, the ball also has the name and coordinates of all the host cities printed on it. Another great way to represent all of Europe!

We know there’s still a while until the tournament starts on June 12th 2020. But now the wait will be a little easier and it’s going to be amazing to watch this ball being a part of football history with a lot goals to follow.

You can find the adidas Uniforia match ball right here