A constant part of the Mercurial-collection has been the very popular Mercurial Lite shin-pads. The shin-pads are popular among young, as well as old and they not only offer the cool design from the Mercurial boots, but also the protection a top quality shin-pad needs to have.

It is always the football boots that steal the spotlight, which is quite natural, as they are the visible equipment we see on stars like Ronaldo, Neymar and Zlatan. Shin-pads are however also a necessary element for any footballers worth his salt, no matter if you play in the Champions League, or partake in a Sunday kickabout.

One of the most popular shin-pads in the world is the Nike Mercurial Lite. They are, as the name implies, part of the now legendary Mercurial-collection. The shin-pads are an essential part of your football equipment and when the game really heats up, they could be the difference between getting carried of with a broken leg and scoring the last minute decider.

You can see our selection of Nike Mercurial Lite shin-pads – prices start at €15.

With a pair of Nike Mercurial Lite shin-pads you are guarded from even the roughest and meanest central defender. With a low-profile design the pads provide supreme protection, with getting in your way when it comes to ball control and free movement.

The shin-pads are high/left specified, so you always have the perfect anatomically correct fit. This ups the comfort considerably, because you won't be putting on two identical pads, but rather one, which is adapted to each individual leg.

That the shin-pads comfort is high was always key to Nike, when they designed the product. Nike put in many work hours to find out exactly how the ideal shin-pad was shaped. The fruit of their labour is what you feel, when you put on a pair of Nike Mercurial Lite.

Does the Mercurial Lite sound like just your thing? Pick your colour today – prices start at €15.

The back of the shin-pad is where it contacts your skin and this is why it is so very important for the material used here to be comfortable. Nike have fitted a soft layer of foam, so you don't feel the hard knocks and bumps from tackle. Furthermore the ventilation is top notch, so you don't have to suffer with overheated shin-pads, which could cause irritation.

In the old days it was very common for shin-pads to have ankle guards, but these days you seldom see ones with them. This is a result of football becoming a more technical game and many felt that the ankle protection hindered their play, when dribbling, passing and finishing.

Therefore they have also had to think in new ways, when deciding how the shin-pad was fitted on the leg. The Nike Mercurial Lite shin-pad comes with a special sock, which is designed in accordance to the shins anatomy, so you get high levels of comfort, with it being too tight.

Another thing that has developed is the design of the shin-pads, which has become a way for the individual player to express himself personally.  Even though you can't see the shin-pad during a game, players still feel a need for things to match. Therefore Nike have designed the colours, so they match up with just your football boot.

You can see our selection of Nike Mercurial Lite shin-pads – prices start at €15.

So no matter which of Nike's four silo's you prefer, there will always be a cool pair of Nike Mercurial Lite to match your pair.

We love the Mercurial Lite shin-pads and wouldn't hesitate in making them our weapon of choice on game day. What do you think about the Mercurial Lite – have you tried it? Tell us in the comment-section down below, or on Twitter and Facebook.