Important information about Black Friday


Written by Erik

We know you have been waiting for this. And we can surely understand why. Your favorite football products, with unbelievable savings. What's not to love? But we have a confession to make. If you shopped with us last Black Friday, we made it too complicated. We released new deals every day up until Black Friday, and then every hour on Black Friday. Just to keep you entertained. But we think that you already know what you want.

We think that you have a list of things that you need to get, and those things should be bought as cheap as possible. Delivered in good time before Christmas. That's why we have decided to do Black Friday different this year. This year we start with our Black Friday prices on all products, already today. What you see now, are the best offers possible. On Black Friday we might throw in a few new products from midnight, but that's it. This means that the amount and quality of products currently on sale, have never previously been experienced in the history of Unisport.

Now is your chance to skip the line, and get a head start before everybody that are waiting for Black Friday. And to be honest, there is a real risk of significantly longer delivery times if you wait to place your order until Black Friday. Because no matter how much we prepare our warehouse, every year, it is close to impossible to foresee how many of you that want to shop with us. So.. if you know what you want, and you can find it today, then buy it before everybody else wants to do the same. On Friday you can relax with your new football products while everybody else are panicking. Now go ahead and find those products on your list.

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