After the launch of the brand new Nike Mercurial Superfly there are probably a lot of you wondering, how Nike’s new, innovative football boots feel like. Jakob and Joltter were in Madrid and got to try on the Superfly – and they therefore give you their first impressions here.

It has been quite a wait, the new Superfly – but now it’s finally back. It took four years, but it has been worth the wait. The Superfly has been updated, fine-tuned and is even more explosive than ever before , thanks to the Flyknit, Dynamic Fit Collar, Brio-cables a tweaked stud-configuration and iconic carbonfibre sole.

Nike have worked for four years on integrating their athletes constant wish for more and more speed, which has resulted in the Mercurial Superfly. It looks very different when compared to the last instalment of the Superfly, mostly due to the Dynamic Fit Collar and Flyknit-upper, which Nike say gives a fit like in no other boot.

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… And judging by Joltter and Jakob’s facial expression, when they first put on the Superfly, Nike might not be blowing hot air. The WebTV pair were in any case very excited – and especially Jakob, who is a big Mercurial fan.

You can see why our two WebTV hosts and big boot lovers were so enthusiastic about the new Superfly, in the video of their first impressions here. They talk lockdown, Flyknit, Magista and the V12-last, which the Superfly is built on. This is actually the same last, as the Vapor VIII and IX and this also means the new Superfly is around a half size too big, when compared to regular sizing.

What do you think about the new Nike Mercurial Superfly football boot and are you loving the return of the Superfly? Share your thoughts, or ask us questions in the comment-section down below.