PUMA have today launched a unique version of their classic King football boot, which celebrates the history of the Italian football association. It's called PUMA King Italia, and will be available in just 898 pairs worldwide. Come along as we take a closer look at the boot.

PUMA are warming up for the World Cup, and with just 41 days left before the tournament is kicked-off in Brazil, it is steadily getting closer. In this connection, PUMA have launched a unique limited edition of their classic football boot. It's called King Italia, and there will be 898 pairs available worldwide.

Are you looking to become one of the just 898 in the world to own a pair of PUMA King Italia? Pre-order you pair right here – just €195

During these times with ultra low weight and knitted football boots, it can be rather refreshing to see a classic like the PUMA King is still out there, and doing well. The new PUMA King Italia celebrates the Italian football association, which was established back in 1898 – hereof the 898 pairs worldwide. Where the number one figure went, we don't know...

But what a celebration of the Italian football association; PUMA King Italia is made from brown kangaroo leather of the highest quality with a blue inner lining and golden stitching. In addition, PUMA have equipped the King Italia with a FIGC logo on the heel and written “Campioni del Mondo” and “MCMLXXXII” on the lateral side in golden writing – translated “World Champions 1982.”

It's all about the classic virtues with the PUMA King Italia – the football boot is made with a lush upper of brown kangaroo leather, and naturally it also has the iconic fold-able tongue, as well as the rounded studs under the white PU sole. The studs are – of course – also brown.

In other word, the PUMA King Italia is true to the style of the regular Black/White PUMA King Top DI and therefore also provides a nice soft ball feel, as well as world class comfort – and footballers who have tried the King will understand what we are on about.

The PUMA King Italia is available for pre-order already now – just €195

The PUMA partnership with the Italian football association, FIGC, dates back to 2003, and the Germans have on multiple occasions celebrated the Italians' World Cup merits – both with a golden PUMA v1.06, as well as a PUMA King XL Italia version that, when looking at the colour choice, was similar to the 2014 version with brown gold and blue. Certainly not a b ad idea, and the new King Italia will surely look good as a classic addition to any boot collection.

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