Stay in shape on your own with Unisport


Written by Milan

The circumstances are currently not the most ideal in terms of playing football outside with your friends and your team, however, that shouldn’t stop you from staying in shape on your own. Learn how to with the right workout gear with us.

We know you - like us - breathe football. But what can one do when the situation isn’t the most optimal, and you’re encouraged not to include yourself in larger communities, meet up with your buddies and play the beautiful game? You learn how to stay in shape on your own. At least for now.

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Socializing is awesome, but what’s more awesome is mastering how to keep track of your training and stay fit on your own. Why? Well, that’s where you show you aren’t dependent on anybody, as most of us obviously enjoy training with our friends, teammates etc., and tend to rely too much on them. On this basis you gain an enormous advantage if you can stay in shape on your own, as it’ll make your friends and teammates wonder how you’ve managed to stay fit during the ongoing circumstances, if you come back faster, stronger and more skillful than ever.

Unisport offer a huge variety of products, and we can help your find the right workout equipment you need when training in order to stay in shape on your own.

Looking for a cardio based training such as a nice run? Unisport got you covered. From drink bottles, running shoes and footballs, everything you need is just one click away.

But it’s also important to stay warm, which is why you’ll also need baselayer, training jackets and player gloves, since the weather isn't warm enough to train in t-shirts and shorts.

As for which training exercises you can do, well, we don’t have any… just kidding. The sky's the limit, so we’ll leave that one to you to use your imagination, and if you for some reason lack in creativity, just check out the video below and JayMike will give you 3 individual football training tips, which might just be to your liking.

Find the whole selection of our training equipment here

Unisport wishes you a happy individual training! #stayinshapeonyourown