#footballathome | Get ready for the season comeback


Written by Lasse

Even though everything is postponed, the life and development of a real footballer never stops! It’s when you least expect it, that you are able to develop the most. Now you have the opportunity to gain the last percentage that will win you the match, when you are back onto the field. So don’t hesitate to keep on expanding your skills and abilities, in order to prepare yourself for your best season ever! #footballathome

Well, everybody is at home thinking; “What should we do now?”. Our football clubs have been shut down and we can’t play with our friends in the streets anymore. Should we just play some FIFA? The answer is: Nope! Now is the time, where you extend your artillery, so when you come back and meet with your friends again, you can shock them with your unbelievable skills. The backyard is the place where all pro footballers developed and laid the foundation for the stars, they are today. So why shouldn’t you too?

Thankfully, our WebTV-guys have made tons of videos on how you can develop your skills and technique. So here is 5 of the best videos of easy doing and basic abilities - and something for the experienced baller - to teach yourself alone, while you are not able to meet up with your friends and teammates. Man, if you learn these skills, they don’t know what is coming for them!

Video 1: Skills in tight spaces | Learn these football skills!

Let’s start off with a video, that could become very useful when you get back to the streets and fields with friends and teammates. In this video, we will teach you football skills to use in tight spaces such as specific dribble skills that are great to know and use and also some general tips on how you can improve when you work in tight spaces. Watching professional players like Hazard and Isco weave their way through tight and close spaces is like watching art. So why don’t become an artist yourself?

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Video 2: 3 Easy football skills that make you look COOL!

Let’s move on to a video, that will make you cool. In this video you will learn some amazing football skills with a step-by-step tutorial. Joltter will teach you all the things you need to master in order to pull off these easy beginner skills in matches - or when playing with your friends! Make sure to watch the full tutorial video in order to learn 3 easy beginner football skills, that will make you look cool - we promise you will learn these awesome skills if you pay attention to all the advice.

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Video 3: 3 Football skills that will SHOCK YOUR FRIENDS!

When performed correctly, the 3 football skills in this video will make your friends think the ball is coming towards them and hitting their face - but in the last moment, the magic behind these skill moves makes your friends realize the point from the very beginning was to shock them! The skills in this video will blow your friends minds. They might not be useful in a match, but when you are just having fun with friends, they are very funny to try out.

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Video 4: These 3 football skills will shock your team mates | LEARN THEM

Another video with some absolutely shocking skills! And this video is with a very special person - and it’s not PWG. In this video, we speak to futsal legend Ricardinho, who will teach you 3 football skills that will shock and impress your teammates. Ricardinho is one of the most technically gifted players in futsal, and will pull off football skills that will impress your friends, shock your teammates and humiliate the defenders. If you got the basics right, then this is the next step towards being ready for the football season to return.

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Video 5: LEARN 50 FLICK UPS | Football skills tutorial

Now it's time for the boss challenge! In this video, we teach you guys 50 flick ups to help you improve your football skills, so you can improve as a football player in general, but also as a freestyler. In this football skills compilation, only including flick ups this time, we show you how to master the art of flicking the ball up from the ground, you can impress your teammates and coach at training or your friends at school, by flicking the ball into the air in various ways - some of them can even be used in football matches, but only with caution!

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We know the circumstances are a bit challenging at the moment, but why not get the best out of it? It’s when you are most challenged, that you’ll learn and develop the most. And as said in the beginning, the WebTV-guys has made lots of tutorials for you to explore. So check out the WebTV-channel for other tutorials, interviews with the stars or reveiws of the latest gear. Speaking of latest gear, you can of course still shop all the products on our website, even during these circumstances - and even with regular delivery time! So what’s holding you back? Whether you are looking for street shoes and balls, training wear or training equipment, like agility ladders, hurdles and training cones, for your training session in the backyard, we got your back. And as usual you can also prepare yourself for the regular football season to return with football boots and shirts. Check out some of the gear, that we think are essential for times like these right below.