Return of the King | PUMA releases the classic with Lazertouch


Written by William

Classic boot combined with state-of-the-art leather technology. Sounds too good to be true? Well, not anymore! The PUMA King Lazertouch has just been released!

There’s just something about a pair of PUMA King’s! It reminds us of a simpler time with no nonsense. There are no fancy technologies. It’s all about comfort and leather in top quality. But today we will get a mix of PUMA King and innovation. It doesn’t sound like anything we’ve heard before. But now PUMA has released the lightest PUMA King ever - with a little help from the Lazertouch technology.

And hey - we are getting spoiled; There are two colourways of these boots. A black and a white. Take a look at them!

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The name PUMA King Lazertouch derives from the patented Lazertouch technology. The technology gives PUMA the possibility to emboss different specially crafted textures and/or graphics onto the upper of the boots. This can give us an almost unlimited amount of design. And now it’s the first time that we see this technology used on K-leather.

The Lazertouch technology uses lasers to engrave patterns, which are fused with the leather to create the textures that can make the boots perform at their best. In this case, there’s a pattern applied onto selected striking zones to further enhance the leather’s control of the ball.

The fit is tight and is refined with a knitted tongue. The slim silhouette combined with the lightweight RAPIDSPRINT outsole makes this the lightest PUMA King ever!

If we just take a look at the design, it’s kept in two simple colourways - to really follow the footsteps of the PUMA King heritage of keeping it simple. The black and white boots are exact opposites of each other. On the black PUMA King we see the upper in a complete dark colour with only the classic PUMA stripe on the lateral side being white. And it’s only the outline that is white - to keep the dark colour as dominant as possible. Then we have the PUMA cat on the heel. The RAPIDSPRINT outsole is made in completely white as a contrast to the upper.

The white PUMA King boots are made with the exact opposite colours of the black. Both colourways are available in a very limited amount worldwide, and of course you can get them at Unisport.

Which colourway is your favourite? Find out right here!