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Written by Lasse

Alright guys! It’s time for another ‘WebTV and Chill’-session during this break of football. This time, we will be looking back into our archive and reveal the most popular and watched videos of all time on our Unisport YouTube-channel! It includes some quite surprising videos. So sit back, get comfortable, because here is the list of the top three most watched videos, and two special videos at the end. Enjoy! #footballathome

We will now present the three most watched videos. And like any other top three, we will make it into a countdown - starting off with the third most watched video and so on. And we finish this blog off with two special videos; the most popular trending video and a very special video made for those, who love Unisport. Can’t wait? Nah, we can’t either - so let’s get rolling!

Number 3: Lionel Messi Crossbar Challenge | Testing Messi's accuracy

The third most watched video is a video with a very big star! Maybe the biggest in the world? It’s the Argentine magician Lionel Messi. In this video, we interview Lionel Messi and test his football skills by challenging him to a crossbar challenge. But before the epic crossbar challenge, Lionel Messi sits down for an interview with Joltter, in which he reveals that he is extremely competitive both on and off the football pitch - he simply hates losing. Therefore it will be interesting to see how he will handle it, if he miss the crossbar. How many attempts do you think Messi need to hit the crossbar three times? Watch the video to find out!

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Number 2: How to shoot a knuckleball | Learn CR7 free kick

Unisport WebTV’s second most watched video of all time is actually a tutorial. So now it’s time for you to do something too. Or maybe just watch this video, to learn the secrets about Cristiano Ronaldo's renowned free kicks. Cause in this video, you will learn how to make the ball switch direction, while it’s in the air - the so-called ‘Knuckleball’. It’s Joltter who has taken on the task to teach you the knuckle free kick, which is one of the most advanced and difficult shooting techniques in football. But with this step by step knuckleball tutorial, that will improve your shooting technique and give you lots of great tips, you might be able to shoot a knuckleball free kick better than any of your teammates. Let’s see how to do it, then!

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Number 1: How to curve the ball | Learn bending free kick

Now it’s time to reveal the most watched video on our Unisport YouTube-channel! Quite surprising, it isn’t a meeting with Cristiano Ronaldo or a review of a new Nike Mercurial Vapor or adidas Predator! Nope, it’s actually another tutorial. This time it’s about how to bend and curve the ball, instead of making the knuckleball, like above. Curving the ball is one of the most common and popular shooting techniques in football and now you will learn how to shoot bending free kicks in real life football matches. Curving free kicks have resulted in tons of amazing goals from players like David Beckham, Juninho and Lionel Messi, so watch this free kick tutorial in order to learn how to curve a football and shoot those bending free kicks!

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The most popular video: 10 football rules you DIDN'T KNOW existed!

This video might be the most popular video, or at least one of them, in the history of Unisport WebTV. This video is not in the top three, but it’s still one of our most watched videos - and it was only released about 1,5 month ago. In this video we make a TOP 10 list of football rules, that most football players and fans don't know about. Recently, because of VAR, football fans around the world have been discussing the rules and laws of the game every single weekend - and in this video you will learn new rules you probably have never heard of before, even though they do exist! We think it’s quite interesting and you even learn something, that you can brag about to your friends, when football returns after this break.

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Special video: Who is Unisport? 10 things you didn’t know

We also wanted to show a very special video of ours. This year we are celebrating our 25 year anniversary, and throughout the year, you will experience a lot of content, competitions and special deals related to that. One of the special made things for the celebration is this video. And this time it’s not about a new boot, a huge football star or a tutorial - it’s about us; Unisport! In this video, we therefore look at 10 fun facts about Unisport that most people don't know about. Tune in, and become a true Unisport aficionado.

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That’s it for today's ‘WebTV and Chill’-session. We hope you were entertained. If not, you should check our YouTube-channel to see if there is something else more into your taste. We promise there, you'll find some! And if you were entertained, you should also check our YouTube-channel. Because there is a lot more videos like the five listed above. And remember to subscribe in order to get notified, whenever a new video releases.

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