#footballathome | Get your sneakers and football boots ready for spring


Written by William

Football is off at the moment. So now you have all the time in the world to take care of the most important equipment in the beautiful game. Unisport will help you.

As we all know, football is off in most of the world. This means that we’re not able to wear our precious football boots and show them off to our teammates and friends.

But now that we have the time there’s an opportunity to really take care of our boots. So we can all perform at our best when it’s time to get back on pitch.

In the meantime it’s also important to be ready for spring. Let’s pack away the big winter boots and bring out our favourite pair of sneakers as well while we’re at it!

Unisport can help you with the best gear for preparing your football boots and sneakers for the coming months.

Let’s start off by taking a look at the sneakers. It’s time to dust them off and get them fresh and ready for the sunny times. And what’s the best way to do that? Give them a good old cleaning!

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You need to have the right equipment. You could take a look at some shoe cleaning. What you have to do is the following;

Fill a bucket or bowl of lukewarm water. Then you just add some of the shoe cleaner into the water. After that you take a brush, add some of the cleaner on this one as well, dip it into the water and start brushing your sneakers with gentle strokes in circular motions all around. Make sure to create foam to activate the cleaner!

When you have cleaned the shoes with the brush, you simply just take the cloth and wipe off the rest of the foam and/or dirt. Then your sneakers are as good as new and ready to be shown of in the spring.

It’s also important to make sure that your football boots are ready for action when football is back again - hopefully very soon!

Dirt and mud are some of the most annoying things for football boots. But it’s hard to avoid these. So Jay Mike has made an easy guide for you to clean your boots fast and efficient. Watch the video right here!