It’s International Football Shirt Friday!


Written by William

It’s time to celebrate football and show off your favourite shirt! Unisport will give you the chance to update your wardrobe!

We all know the feeling. You’re at work, at school or somewhere else. You’re wearing a shirt with a tie, maybe a jacket or just another piece of clothing you’re not comfortable with. All you want to do is to wear your favourite football shirt!

Today is the day where you can do that – it’s the International Football Shirt Friday! Check out how we celebrate at Unisport here!

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We’re all missing football these days! That’s why it’s so important that we all show our support to our favorite team, show off our shirts and prove that we’re all still in love with the beautiful game! And today it’s International Football Shirt Friday – a day to wear your favourite football shirt.

At Unisport we think that everyone should have the chance to get a shirt. It’s a perfect way to showcast the professional players and that we can’t wait to see them back in action! Let’s make them feel our support! That’s why we have lowered the prices on football shirts and you can save up to 40% today!

Our big question for you is: Which shirt are you going to get today? Is it a team from Premier League, La Liga, Ligue 1, Serie A or maybe from a national team?

You can also show us which shirt you’re wearing today. Go to your Instagram and put up a Story where you show your true colours! Remember to use #footballathome and tag @unisportstore – then we’ll repost so everyone can see who you’re standing behind these days!

Let’s celebrate the International Football Shirt Friday together!

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