Designed for the artist | New Balance reveals the Tekela v3


Written by William

The new generation of Tekela is here. New Balance reveals a stunning colourway!

It’s always something special when you combine the classic black colourway on a football boot with other colours! And that is exactly what New Balance have done with their latest launch.

Today they have revealed the next generation of the Tekela - the Tekela v3. The first laceless boot from the brand. This boot is made for the player who wants to be the artist on the pitch. The one who has a palette of different skills to show us. And speaking of palette; this boot has a variety of different colours to make it even more special to look at.

Take a look at the detail of the boot - and then we can talk about the tech’s and spec’s afterwards!

Continued below the pictures

The Tekela v3 has a very eye catching area - the toebox. Or a Strike Zone, as New Balance calls it. The boots feature a “kaleidoscope” like palette of yellow, orange and red colours.

The upper is made with the new Kinetic Stitch technology to give you the ultimate touch and best possible strike zone. So you could argue that the Tekela v3 is made for players who wants to master the ball. The stretchy upper is made with a laceless closure to secure the most comfortable and secure lockdown.

And let’s take a look at the soleplate. It’s made in a lightweight nylon chassis with multi-directional studs for the most optimal traction.

You can check out the very limited Tekela v3 right here: