10 fun facts about Unisport | From 1995 to 2020


Written by Milan

This year, we're celebrating our 25 years anniversary, and here’s a fun video to show you 10 things you probably didn’t know about Unisport.

From primarily focusing on selling football shirts alone, to becoming a leading retailer with the biggest assortment of football equipment worldwide and being recognized as the world's best football store, you can only imagine how much has happened ever since the foundation of Unisport in 1995. Well, if you ever wondered, here’s a video with 10 fun facts about Unisport, which pinpoints key milestones and reveals some of the most memorable moments at Unisport throughout the last 25 years.

Continued below the video

That’s it, guys. You’ve had your review of the last 25 years with Unisport. Now it’s time to celebrate with you, and throughout the whole year you’ll experience special events, anniversary offers, real life tournaments, entertaining blog posts, appealing content and so much more - the list goes on, but remember; The Unisport journey never ends. It all started with a dream and passion for football, which slowly but steadily evolved into a reality. We started from the bottom, and now 25 years later we’re in constant development and strive to maintain our slogan as the World’s best football store, which is why ultimately there’s only one thing to say: Keep living the #unisportlife

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