Adidas recently launched their latest generation of the iconic silo, the Predator. The name is Predator Instinct, and we have been testing it for a while – and therefore you can now hear how the Instinct performs on the pitch, as we deliver the verdict.

The Adidas Predator silo is one of the most iconic and well known on the pitch, and has so ever since 1994. Now the 14th generation is out in the shape of the Predator Instinct, and Joltter has had his hands on the new football boot that has seen a number of changes in relation to the Predator LZ II.

We are always looking forward to receiving new football boots, and when a parcel with a par of blacked out Adidas Predator Instinct landed, the excitement was rather evident – especially because the new Instinct immediately reminded the gents Jakob and Joltter about some of the older Predator models.

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Joltter had the pleasure of taking the Predator Instinct to the pitch for a test, and here his excitement surely didn't diminish. The football boot is made with a synthetic upper of Hybridtouch, which emulates the great abilities from kangaroo leather, and it therefore quickly adapted to his foot.

A Predator is not a Predator without some strike element, and the Predator Instinct is naturally no exception. It once again comes with five Lethal Zones, which this time around have been made slightly higher than on the Predator LZ II – check out what Joltter thinks of the alteration in the review above.

Our Finnish WebTV host points to a number of positive things, for example, has mentions how the Predator Instinct reminds him a lot of the older Predator football boots – a huge plus in his book. You can also hear why he calls the Instinct, one of the very best football boots of this year.

Pre-order your very own Predator Instinct right here – just 209 Euro.


The Predator Instinct successfully carries on from the old Predator models, and Joltter is very satisfied with the new football boot. What do you think of the Predator Instinct?