adidas Dark Motion | Black boots with a little spark from adidas


Written by William

We’ve said this before. But there’s just something about black football boots. Take a look at the latest from adidas here.

We have seen some really stunning launches from adidas this year when it comes to football boots. We kicked 2020 of with the Mutator boots which gave us boots in sharp looking red/black and blue/white colours. In the spring we saw the colourful Uniforia collections hit the shelves. And speaking of colorful - this summer has already given us the Locality boots that looked like they were dipped in paint.

Now adidas are going in a different direction. It’s time to ‘hello’ to the Dark Motion boots. And as the name indicates, they are a bit darker than the previous boots of 2020. But it still has a bit of spice in the colours. Take a look at them below.

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The Dark Motion will give us three silos - the Predator, Nemeziz and the Copa. The Predator is made with a black upper. The only thing that stands out colourwise is the soleplate and studs which are made in a shimmering pink. A nice detail.

The Nemeziz is also made with a black upper. And the soleplate is made with a clear orange in the front. Just to make your opponents raise their eyebrows an extra time when your dashing away on the pitch.

Last but not least we have the Copa. At first, this could look like an ordinary leather boots. In a complete black. But if we take a look at the soleplate again, we see a stunning green colour that covers the bottom of the boot. A big contrast to the rest of the simple look.

If you’re like us and think these boots look crazy, you can get them at Unisport!

Find the adidas Dark Motion right here