When art meets football | Experience it with Real Madrid's new home and away shirt


Written by Lasse

A title-winning team needs majestic and bold shirts in order to repeat the success from the previous season. And the new home and away shirts for Real Madrid will help them do just that!

When you walk down the streets of Madrid, you can’t unsee the astonishing art, that adorn the street walls. You are drawn towards it, because of its alluring and one-of-a-kind look. The exact same feelings occur, when you see Real Madrid play. Or is that just us?

No, Adidas thinks the same. And therefore, they’ve made two amazing shirts for the champions of Spain. A shirt for the games played at the mighty Santiago Bernabéu - and a shirt to help Real Madrid win the tough games on the road. Both of them with an artistic tribute to the streets of Madrid.

The home shirt takes inspiration from the collage and decollage art, and pays a tribute to the art of Pablo Picasso’s Papiers Collés and the cubism. On top of that they mix it up with some more contemporary art, such as graffiti street art. By doing so, the shirt ends up uniting generations of fans - and merging the authenticity with progression.

The away shirt follows the steps of the home shirt by also taking artistic inspiration from the streets of Madrid. It focuses on a more bold and clean approach, which results in a exceptional kit that states a progressive look. The clean look with some amazing little details attached to it, this shirts becomes a truly admirable piece of fashion. A shirt that only fit champions.

We thinks that these shirts are classy, artsy, inspirational and even historic. Don’t you? So what are you waiting for?

Get the new Real Madrid home or away shirt for the 2020/21 season - or cop both - right here!