A club and city reborn | Liverpool are ready to defend their championship with a new home shirt


Written by Lasse

For more than 30 years, they would have to wait. But now they are back - stronger than ever. The champions of England are now once again from the red part of the city of Liverpool. And now they have teamed up with a new shirt supplier. The result is a stunning new home shirt for the Merseyside club. Let’s take a look at it!

Liverpool are on fire these years. Champions League winners and Premier League winners inside the last two seasons. To be able to win something for three years in a row, you will have to dig deep and find something extraordinary to hold on to. And this is where the new home shirt jumps into the picture. The new Liverpool home shirt for the 20/21 season have arrived - and if this shirt can’t inspire you and make you fight for another title, then nothing can. Because this one is a real beauty!

Like any other Liverpool home shirt the main colour will be red - but when you look at the overlapping v-collar and the cuffs, you detect the colours of white and green. These colours is inspired by the clubs crest - not the one on the shirts - but the old Liverpool logo. A nice detail and shout-out to the clubs heritage and history. On the back of the collar you can see a tribute to the victims of the Hillsborough disaster, marked in form of the number 96. All in all, a shirt that won’t let you forget the great history of Liverpool.

Another important factor is that Liverpool has a new supplier in Nike. So it’s not only a new shirt with a new design and colours - the logo on the right chest have also changed to the legendary swoosh. This is actually the first time Nike and Liverpool have teamed up. And what a great job, they’ve done.

The new Liverpool home shirt for the 20/21 is available NOW at Unisport - click here to get it!