Celebrating 25 years of football love - how does it feel to be a part of it?


Written by William

Unisport is turning 25 in 2020. And we’ve seen a lot of things happening and changing through the years. But one thing that doesn’t change is our love for football. See what the people of Unisport feel about being a part of #unisportlife.

Unisport started in a small apartment in Copenhagen. 25 years later we have several websites in Europe, more than 5 million followers on social media and two Flagship Stores - in Paris and in Copenhagen.

If you don’t know everything already, you can learn more about the history of Unisport right here.

To celebrate our 25th anniversary, we’ve asked some employees to share memories from their time in Unisport. We will start off with a familiar face to most of you, Jay Mike. Our WebTV host, who’s been at Unisport for 12 years. How did he get involved with Unisport?

Jay Mike

- I started out by reviewing boots and then I got a full time position in 2011. The first time I heard about Unisport was around the year 2000 when I visited the first store in Copenhagen several times - because I wanted to talk about boots with the staff. I was a good customer and one of my best purchases was the Vapor III R9 (the yellow/green) in 2006. That’s a fond memory of mine!

Before we hear more from Jay Mike, let’s also hear what our two other colleagues, Sebastian and Marcos, have to say.

Sebastian Karstensen

- I started my journey at Unisport in December 2017. My current position is Manager of Product Management where my responsibilities are around our products launches and data import. With more than 12.000 unique products coming online each year there is a lot of coordinating and planning to do.

Marcos Lemus

- I’m Head of Graphics, Photography, WebTV and Social Media at Unisport. I’ve been a part of Unisport for 11 years. The first time I heard about Unisport was through the football world which they’ve been a part of since ‘95. The first product I bought at Unisport was a pair of Nike Total 90 boots. While working on some graphics communication for the T90 I fell in love with the technology.

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What is it like to work in Unisport? Let’s hear it from the guys:

- Unisport is full of creative young men and women. And one of the things I really enjoy is the process of implementing ideas as there is so much talent within Unisport. The tone is quite casual and we love to have fun while working, says Sebastian


Jay Mike thinks that everyone is passionate about football: - And they want to help football players pick the best equipment. Over the years, Unisport has become more than just a shop. We are the center of football and we can give people the best guidance.

- Unisport wants to be the respected big brother for the football youngster. And a great teammate for every player on and off the pitch, says Marcos and tells us how Unisport is different from other football shops:

- Everyone in the company is an expert in their area. If you call us, you will talk to a passionate employee. Our store staff are experts on products. And our WebTV and Social Media departments are full of football gurus. It’s not just a job.

We also asked the guys to share a special memory from their time in Unisport. Let’s hear it from Jay Mike first:

- I will never forget that day in 2019 where I’m sitting with Cristiano Ronaldo in front of me. We gave each other the knuckles and I ended up laughing together with one of the greatest players in the history of football. It was surreal and a major experience.

Marcos remembers when he had his 10th anniversary in Unisport last year: - Our CEO called me to a meeting while everyone else gathered outside the room. And when I came out everyone surprised me. And that was really touching. I’m a big fan of Real Madrid and I got two tickets to El Clasico so I could go with my dad. Real Madrid beat Barcelona 2-0, I was on the stands with my father, who never thought he would ever see an El Clasico. It was an emotional day for me and him, and I will forever cherish and be grateful for Unisport giving me that opportunity.

- I remember the launch of the Nigeria World Cup 2018 jersey as something really special. It really blew us away. We sold out immediately and the demand was crazy! The hype would not stop and I remember that even the Danish news mentioned the launch. It was indeed very special to be a part of, says Sebastian

Unisport is a place full of love and passion for football. But we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for everybody that reads our blogs, likes our posts and watches our videos. So we just want to end this by saying THANK YOU! We are very much looking forward to another 25 years of #unisportlife together with you!

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