The Mercurial Dream Speed 3.0 | The third chapter of Dream Speed is live


Written by Lasse

What is better than a sequel? A trilogy! And that is what has happened with the Nike Mercurial Dream Speed. The third chapter of the Dream Speed boot has arrived and it’s fair to say that it surpasses the first two boots. Made for us to dream big and to keep chasing our dreams about becoming big football stars. Keep on reading to get to know it!

The thoughts behind the Dream Speed 3.0 is that even though the world has changed a lot this year and nothing seems as we are used to, we still have to dream big - and dream of speed. This boot will help you remember that everything is possible - even when the world challenges you. Because if we keep on dreaming and working hard, we will make our dreams come true - and maybe even faster than anyone expects!

The design of this boot features cool black and white colours, but with small hints of shiny colours too. On the sides and front of the boot, you can see that the design has taken inspiration from the CR7 Safari-boots and tire tracks, which reminds us of a legendary Nike commercial with Cristiano and a Bugatti. All in all, a design that gives the feeling of speed!

On the outer side of the boot you will find a big see-through Nike Swoosh, which might seem like a small detail, but it gives us the chills - in a good way. At the back of the heel, you’ll find “MDS003” written and the soleplate has... Well, wauw - we don’t even know what to say?! Just check it out in the pictures - and then we’ll talk about the techs afterwards.

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Let's take a quick look at the techs of the Mercurial Superfly Dream Speed 3.0 as Cristiano Ronaldo and Kylian Mbappé prefer the Superfly. As every other Mercurial Superfly, the Dream Speed 3.0 comes with the innovative single-piece upper made from Flyknit, combined with High Tenacity yarn.

The upper has the thinnest layer of NikeSKIN ever seen, and Superfly Dream Speed 3.0 will also have the new Dynamic Fit Collar to support your ankle. Underneath the boot you will find studs designed to ensure easy change of direction and acceleration.

The Mercurial Dream Speed 3.0 will be worn by huge stars such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Kylian Mbappé, Wu Lei and Bruno Fernandes. But also some of the biggest talents, such as Ansu Fati, Vinicius Jr and Erling Haaland. And last but not least, the Dream Speed 3.0 will also be worn by some of the greatest stars in women's football, such as Sam Kerr, Barbara Bonansea, Jessica Silva and Ada Hegerberg.

The Dream Speed boot looks better than ever - and you can get it at Unisport!

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