Champions League is getting closer | adidas are warming up with new boots!


Written by William

The biggest club tournament is on its way. And we’re getting ready with the latest boots from adidas.

It’s always amazing when the Champions League returns. It’s the time, where we can see the biggest teams and the biggest stars battle each other on the biggest stage.

We are a bit impatient for this to start. So it’s actually great that adidas are now releasing new boots to kill time. A few weeks ago they released the Champions League football. Now it’s time for boots. It’s time for the Glory Hunter pack!

We will get some new Predator’s and Copa’s in a new colourway, which actually matches the Champions League ball. Let’s take a look at them and talk about techs afterwards!

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The Predator is made in a sky tint on the base of the upper. The three stripes are made in a dark blue colorway. The heel has the same colour with a shiny finish. The upper consists of the famous Demonskin to give you as much grip as possible on the ball. The trademark of 406 spikes are made in red.

The Copa is made with the same colour scheme. The upper is made of K-leather with Fusionskin technology, which reduces water absorption and great comfort. A sky ting with blue adidas stripes. The red colour can be seen on the soleplate on this one.

The boots will be worn in the Champions League by players such as David Alaba, Fabinho, Koke and Jude Belllingham.

You can get the adidas Glory Hunter boots at Unisport today!