The indoor season is here | The specialists at indoor shoes are ready


Written by Lasse

Winter is coming! And you know what the winter brings along - the indoor season. If you are looking for what to wear, when hitting the indoor floor, then you’ve found the right place. Because we have picked out some of the top shoes from the top brands in the world of indoor football. Check them out down below!

An indoor shoe is not just a regular football shoe with a rubber soleplate. An indoor shoe is something special. It needs a soft upper, a grippy soleplate and light materials. Thankfully, the specialists at indoor shoes, such as Joma, Mizuno, New Balance and Diadora, have made some stunning shoes that fit these key-terms. Therefore, we will now take you through the top specialists at indoor shoes and introduce you to some of their best indoor shoes.


We’ll kick it off with one of the fastest growing brands in the world of indoor footwear; Joma. Joma produces some of the best indoor shoes and that's why you’ll find a lot of the professional futsal players wearing Joma. Joma has a variety of silos, including the Top Flex, Tactico and Dribling. The Top Flex and Tactico are made of elite materials, while the Joma Dribling is a bit cheaper, but still one of the most adored indoor shoes in the world. Joma has a shoe for everyone - no matter your taste.


Mizuno is famous for producing some high quality football boots for outdoor use. That trademark is also associable for Mizuno’s indoor shoes. Wearing a Mizuno indoor shoe you will experience a lightweight shoe and an amazing feeling with the ball. Mizuno produces three silos; the Morelia, Rebula and Sala Classic. Oh, and the ‘Satisfaction Guaranteed’ concept that applies for the outdoor shoes are also applicable for the indoor shoes. This means that you can try your new boots from Mizuno for 30 days. If you, for any reason, aren't happy with your new boots - you can return them for a full refund. But we are pretty sure, that you will be satisfied regardless which one of three sublime silos, that you'll choose.

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New Balance

We’ll continue with another brand that is renowned for their football boots; New Balance. But New Balance is much more than that. They are also known for their exquisite indoor shoes. Besides making excellent indoor versions of their Tekela and Furon, which we know from the outdoor pitches, they also have a special silo for the indoor floor called Audazo. The Audazo V5 is the latest generation of the popular shoe, and this shoe represents the next generation of futsal shoes. And that’s why you’ll find some of the top players in the Futsal Champions League wearing New Balance.


Last but not least we got Diadora. And Diadora has not only one great silo - they got two. You can’t say, we aren't spoiled in this indoor universe! They got the Brasil Sala and the Raptor R. The Brasil Sala has leather upper for a classic retro look and a reinforced toe bow. On the insole it got a synthetic cushioning EVA foam. Speaking about the insole, we move onto the Raptor R, which has a synthetic insole with nice foam-cushioning. The upper gives you a brilliant touch on the ball and it has a quite cool feature, as it is water repellent. All in all, two great indoor shoes from Diadora!

We hope you enjoyed our quick introduction to some of the best brands and specialists in the world of indoor football. If you want to learn more about these brands or some of our other indoor brands, feel free to check our indoor site.

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