PUMA Speed of Light | Pre-sale on the fastest boots


Written by Sandra

Earlier this year, the PUMA Ultra was introduced with all new technologies and speed. Now, only three months after, the most popular boots have gotten an update, which is an update of looks and graphics - get ready to be blown away by this new colorway!

The newly updated PUMA Ultra 1.2 is here and it is mindblowing! Light years ahead of it's competition. Straight from the PUMA testing ground comes the boot of choice for the game’s most explosive wingers and attackers: Antoine Griezmann, Sergio Agüero, Eugénie Le Sommer and Nikita Parris. You can easily say that Speed is in the PUMA DNA and is here to stay.

Forever first. Forever fast. Forever the difference between first and second, glory and defeat, us and them.

The latest evolution of the World’s fastest boot Ultra 1.2 is what we can call a “facelift” of the Ultra 1.1. If we take a look at the difference between the new and old PUMA boots, it is not that different. But the small changes, that actually have been made to the boot, is breathtaking. It's primarily the upper, we are seeing updated. And the exact changes that have been made, is the MATRYXEVO material on the boot. Compared to the Ultra 1.1 with a meteor graphic look from the front to the back of the boot, the new Ultra 1.2 has a more overall graphic look, which can be seen below.

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In order to make the new MATRYXEVO weave on the upper, PUMA couldn’t just change it easily. The machine that weaves the upper material, needed to be reprogrammed from scratch, because it is a very high-tech and fine-adjusted process. All the work that has been put into this Ultra 1.2, makes it even more special. As you can see on the pictures above, the new colorway is overall blue and the PUMA logo being yellow, which makes it look even faster than the ones before. The pattern goes all the way from the front of the boot to the back, which gives the boot a look of speed and light. The soleplate is all blue, which makes it look pretty nice! All in all, some great updates for the Ultra - both tech- and colourway-wise.

What is better than a new colorway with sick updates? Well, according to us - getting the boots before everyone else! And that is an option, because you are here at Unisport.

Be the Speed of Light and get the new PUMA Ultra 1.2 right here at Unisport today!