With Nike F.C. We have not just gotten an exlcusive club with some of the worlds most legendary personalities. We have also gotten a clothing collection, which is storming onto the big scene in the fashion world. Check out the newest in Unisport look of.

Nike did not always influence the world of football in the way they do now. Twenty years ago they started a legacy, which since then has just grown and grown more legendary. This is the legeacy that Nike F.C. Builds on. And to celebrate the clubs 20th anniversary Nike have chosen to reignite the club, with a special clothing-line.

To begin with Nike turned to Neymar and Jack Wilshere to invigorate the club, but with this new fall collection, they turn towards Paris. Here they called on the two biggest stars in Paris, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Thiago Silva.

And when you are making an exclusive clothes-collection like this, which combines the very best from football and fashion, then what better place to go than Paris. This has therefore been a central part of the design on the newest collection from Nike F.C..

You can find the Nike Track Top here – just €82.

Find the brilliantly simple and elegant t-shirt, with the text Au Revoir right here – just €27.

Now we have spoken a lot about how exclusive the club is and it definitely is, - a club with Neymar, Zlatan, Wilshere and Thiago Silva can't be categorised as anything else. However we spoke to the man in charge of the Nike F.C. Collection, Pete Hoppins and actually it's not very hard to join the club.

“we wanted all players to be able to join and use Nike F.C. Not that it was just an exclusive series for Neymar, Cristiano, or Wilshere. So we feel everyone can use Nike F.C.” Said Pete Hoppins. When asked how to become a member he answered: “You have to buy a t-shirt.”

You can also find the high class sun-glasses right here – 221 euro.

Nike F.C. Is however more than just a single t-shirt. The collection also brings sun-glasses, caps, sweatshirts, shorts, shoes and much much more. So you can really let loose and explore the many cool looks.

Nike F.C. Also includes a cool snapback. Find it here – just €25.

So far the clothes from Nike F.C. Has been kept very stylishly clean and simple. It's primarily black and white that dominate, while elements of gold also make up an essential part of the clothes. The gold symbolises the message Nike want to send, which comes from victory and success.

Peter Hoppins does however say that there will be more colourways in the near future. For now however the colours remain stylishly clean, which is something that will really stand out in the summers sharp sunlight.

Every week Unisport Look of checks out some of the hottest products in the football world right now. With a new fall line from Nike F.C. We had to take a closer look. What do you think of the newest clothes from Nike F.C.?