“Die Drei Streifen” have been on the shoulders of Chelsea FC since the 06/07 season. Three seasons later Chelsea had one of their best seasons ever, when they won The Double. This particular season will be honoured and remembered in Chelsea's new third shirt. See it here.

Founded in 1905 and placed in the heart of London Chelsea is packed with tradition. The trophy cabinet at Chelsea is not exactly lacking in accolades, but that does not mean the club is not hungry for more success. After finishing third in the last Premier League season, their closest competitors will definitely be keeping an eye on Mourinho's men.

Hop on in and pre-order Chelsea's new shirt here - just €78.

And no matter if the game is being played at Stamford Bridge or at any other ground in the world, adidas have made sure “The Blues” are dressed for the occasion. We have already been presented with both the home and away-shirt, but now it's the third-shirts turn.

And it is the atmosphere surrounding the away-games that has been used for inspiration for the deisng. The shirt has a sound-wave print on the front, in an electronic turquoise colour. It symbolises the noise that Chelsea's loyal followers create, when attending games away from Stamford Bridge.

Hop on in and pre-order Chelsea's new shirt here - just €78.

Apart from the turquoise, the third-shirt is a dark marine blue, which is the same nuance used for the first time on Chelsea's shirts in the 2009/10 season, the season where they won The Double. This was the first and until now, only time they have used this deep navy tone. Maybe adidas are trying to bring some momentum back to the club?

One of the things that makes adidas Chelsea's shirt sponsor of choice, is the technological elements, which they use on the shirts. The authentic shirt is therefore produced with their impressively light adiZero technology, so the shirts weight is kept at an absolute minimum. This makes it incredibly comfortable too, as you will hardly feel you are wearing it. If you don't want to use the same shirt as the professionals, you can choose the model with Climacool, which works by keeping the shirt dry, as it diverts sweat and moisture away from the skin and clothes.

Hop on in and pre-order Chelsea's new shirt here - just €78.

Chelsea FC now have a full set of kits for the coming season and if you are to believe Mourinho, they will not look to sign more players, so for their sake, you could start the new season right now. What do you think of the three new shirts Blues shirts, which is the coolest?