LBJ x KM “Chosen 2” | A new partnership forms


Written by Lasse

Nike will kick off their 2021 with nothing less than a huge flex! Combining two of their greatest athletes from two different sports - here is the LeBron James x Kylian Mbappé “Chosen 2” collection! Available at Unisport the 9th of January!

Basketball x Football

We’ve seen Nike do it before. Combining basketball and football. Not that long ago, Nike launched the beautiful Paris Saint Germain x Jordan 3rd shirt, including a wide range of PSG x Jordan lifestyle products. The shirt even made it to our Top 10 Shirts of 2020/21. This PSG x Jordan collaboration is something we’ve seen for some years now, and it has been highly popular since it kicked off in 2018.

We’ve also seen the Parisian star Neymar making a collab’ with Jordan about a football boot back in the days. And now it’s time for another Parisian star to make a collab’ with another huge basketball star.

LBJ x KM “Chosen 2”

Introducing the Nike Mercurial Superfly 7 LBJ x KM “Chosen 2”. A boot, which is inspired from Kylian Mbappé and LeBron James’ close friendship. But also by the fact that basketball is becoming a huge part of the French culture and therefore also in Mbappé’s lifestyle. This is a one of a kind Mercurial, which only will be worn by Kylian Mbappé - and maybe you, if you sign up here. Let’s talk more about the design below the pictures.

Continued below the pictures

Details, details, details

The LBJ x KM “Chosen 2” are at first glance a black boot. But if you take a closer look at its upper, you’ll see a silver looking ‘zig-zag’ graphic of the letters 'KM'. And on the toe-box, you’ll see “Chosen 2” written in a very special font (which can be read from two sides). The laces are in black with orange/gold dots and the soleplates are in a 50/50 shiny silver/chrome colour. Oh, I almost forgot - the back of the upper is actually some kind of shining purple. And each heel got it's own logo - Kylian Mbappé's logo or LeBron James' logo.

Now it gets really crazy! On the soles inside the boot, you’ll find a graphic of half a basketball court and half a football pitch mixed into one field. This field will also be on the boot bag and on the box. And you’ll also find a graphic of the two global superstars’ names “LeBron” and “Kylian" mixed into one graphic. The name that appears depends on which way, you are reading it. And that is not even the craziest thing on this boot. That, you’ll find on the outside of the boot.

Double swoosh

Like you already might have noticed, this Mercurial has a few more Swooshes than usual. Because this LBJ x KM boot has two swooshes on each side. One turning the right way and one turned upside down. And these swooshes are red and purple, with Mercurial ‘M’-logos on the one turning the right side up.

More than a boot

The companionship between Kylian Mbappé and LeBron James will also include a very nice apparel collection. You’ll find a hoodie, a T-shirt, pants and a tracksuit. All items in the collection are of course marked with the special LBJ x KM logo, i.e. on the T-shirts sleeves or on the hoodie’s “kangaroo” pocket.

The Nike Mercurial Superfly 7 LBJ x KM “Chosen 2” is available at Unisport from the 9th of January. So you don’t have to wait too long, before you can get your hands on this limited Mercurial Superfly.

Click here to sign up for the LBJ x KM “Chosen 2 and future Limited Edition products