The Game is back On | The new PUMA Ultra completes the Game On pack


Written by Sandra

It’s finally here! Ever since we announced the launch of Game On, we’ve been eager to tell you about the last piece of the puzzle, that completes the pack - PUMA Ultra Game On.

Just ten days ago, we saw the first silo from the Game On pack, Future Z and now we have the second and final silo to the pack - Ultra 1.2. The first silo gave us a collaboration between Neymar and PUMA and the second silo PUMA will give us a collaboration with none other than Griezmann.

The new colourway for this Ultra boot is out of this world! Its black and multicolour graphics makes it look way faster than any other Ultra before. The pattern on the upper has slim lines all the way through the boot and are primarily green. The soleplate has a gradient look - it shifts from volt to red from the back to the front end of the soleplate.

With the new Ultra 1.2 Game On you will have an uncatchable speed just like Griezmann

The PUMA Ultra 1.2 Game On is available at Unisport - get speedy and be the first to buy the boots!

You can get the PUMA Ultra Game On boots right here