MLS 2021 | adidas launches new MLS shirts


Written by Sandra

The Land of Opportunities are getting wiser and are getting more into ‘soccer’, which we are overly thrilled about. Football, as we call it, is now in the top 5 of most watched and favourite sports in the United States and that means, getting a handle of the football shirts for the biggest clubs in the league. Let’s check out the new looks!

Major Soccer League 2021 season will be kicked off in April and the preseason training started just last week. If the start of preseason and the league beginning sooner than later, is not an excuse for talking about new shirts - then I don’t know what is. Let’s just begin the fun and take a look down the MLS road with adidas. We’ll go through the clubs, as they are ranged in the standings.

New York City FC

We’ll start with New York City FC and go back in time to the classiness of football for their new Home shirt. adidas and NYCFC chose to strip away all the extras from the old shirt, to reveal the true identity of their fans. The shirt will represent both the club and community of New York City FC and will cover the meaning of what stadium to street really means. The home shirt is a classic blue, with white stripes on the shoulders. If you can’t wait for the season to start, then NYCFC also launched a new training shirt, which comes in the colour orange.

New York Red Bulls

Right beneath, is New York RB and here it is all about the fans. Their new home shirt is inspired by one specific section in their stadium - the South Ward Supporters Section. Combining the energy and the checkered flags into the shirt. This comes out in a white checkered design and of course with their red stripes on the shoulders. New York RB wants the shirt to be from the fans to the fans - it can be worn on pitch and off pitch. And if that’s not enough, then they also gave us some training wear in an ostentatious red colour.

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Inter Miami FC

Next up - Inter Miami FC. The team of South Florida are giving us a new away shirt, inviting all the fans from all around the world who share the same passion in life, in other words, football. The shirt is all black with black palm trees all around the shirt, which symbolizes South Florida. The pink stripes and logos break the black colour and are definitely giving us a summerly feeling, together with the palm trees. If you love pink, then you can also get Inter Miami’s training wear from last season, which is all about pink.

LA Galaxy

Now it’s time for Los Angeles Galaxy and they have made a new away shirt for the 2021 season - and a new set of training wear. LA Galaxy is striving for the future, but are not forgetting about the past. This manifests itself in their new shirt, with a new bold look that makes reference to an old shirt. But still representing a new hip look that also could be worn off pitch. The training wear is in a classic navy colour with gold.

Atlanta FC

Last, but not least - Atlanta United FC has a new home shirt that their fans can identify themselves with. The club is based on 5 club pillars - Unity, Determination, Community, Excellence and Innovation. And that is exactly what their new shirt signifies. Atlanta FC wanted to give the shirt a new classy look, but keep the same values. And to us they've succeeded, what the black/red/gold shirt radiates. The training wear comes in a red/gold colour.

If you, just like us can’t get enough of the MLS season 2021 shirts, then you can find them right here!