PUMA Future Z Creativity | A new limited edition boot to the Future Z silo


Written by Sandra

PUMA has taken the Future Z silo to the next level and has become one of the most sought boots in today's market. And what better way to celebrate than creating a totally limited edition boot with limited distribution. We surely can’t think of a better way. Let’s take a look at the most sought boot silo.

PUMA Future Z has been with us since december 2020 and in that short amount of time, you can by all means say that it has coped really well. Everybody knows what kind of silo the Future Z, namely a remarkable boot made for remarkable players.

PUMA Future Z

We have already seen the silo in three colourways (in such a short time). Back in december we saw the first boot from the silo, in white with the neon FUZIONFIT+ which made us go crazy. Then PUMA started the year off with their darkest pack of all times, the Eclipse pack. All out black Future Z. The latest colourway in the silo is Game on and here PUMA embraced the neon colour and th boot became a part of the Neon family.

What’s so special about this new limited edition colourway besides the crazy colour? - take a look at the pictures below and then we’ll explain it underneath.

Continued below pictures

PUMA Future Z Creativity

The new Future Z Creativity will be worn by Neymar Jr. and is a limited edition boot and it will have limited distribution and only a handful of destinations will sell these boots - including Unisport. But why has PUMA even made this extremely limited boot? Well that’s because they're celebrating the success of the boot, becoming one of the most sought boots in the market today. Some words added to the creation and thoughts about the boot;

“Creativity is everything. It’s the difference between game players and playmakers. It has the power to turn history into your story, seconds into records, goals into gold medals. Creativity makes football the most beautiful game in the world. And makes it yours. The FUTURE Z Creativity pays tribute to the game’s most exciting players, the creative mavericks who stand out with skill and speed of thought, shaping the game to their vision with every move, every play, every action.”

The name ‘Creativity’ really says it all - the colour of the boot is in itself very creative. Flashy blue and pink colours are dominant, where the black breaks the colourway around the collar and the laces. The colour choice is bold and it fits Neymar Jr. perfectly.


Creativity apparel

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Find the limited boots right here and hurry up, before they’re gone! Remember these are only available at a handful destinations - including Unisport!