EURO 2020 away shirts | adidas launches 4 new shirts


Written by Sandra

We didn’t get the EURO 2020 last year, but hopefully we’ll see it happen this year 2021. We are crossing everything possible, to make this summer a football summer. adidas is preparing for the tournament and is launching 4 away shirts - Let’s take a look at them!

We’re all waiting for the EURO 2020 to kick off this summer - It was taken from all of us last year, but this year is going to be different, we can all agree that we can’t manage another cancelation.

But hey! Let’s not talk about the sad things, let’s look at the positive thing about it being moved to 2021. Last year adidas launched some home shirts, but this year it’s time for the away shirts! And it’s giving us a lot of hope for summer! Let’s take a look at the 4 new away shirts:


We’ll start off with the away shirt for the German national team. We will go back in time, nearly 10 years - but why do you ask? Well, you might not remember which colour the German away shirt was so many years ago - only if you’re a true Germany fan. It’s time to be back in black. The away shirt is going back to its black colours and it’s sure a fan favourite. Black is a synonym for confidence and elegance and according to DFB it’s also a synonym for authenticity.

The shirt is black, whereas the sleeves feature the same details as the home shirt - the German flag is incorporated with the iconic black, red and yellow colours.

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Next up, we’ll go to Spain and the away shirt for the national team. The shirt takes its baseline in the nation, just as the home shirt did. But this time, the shirt is inspired by the great World Cup success in 2010 in South Africa - from the moment the winning team lifted the trophy. It resembles the home shirt, as it’s also a hand painted art work. It has a light base and the red branding represents both the passion and dynamic of the proud country.

You can find the shirt for the Spanish national team here


Now it’s time to look at one of the biggest European nations - “Stay classy, Europe… Sweden is coming”. The Swedish national team is here to stay and their away shirt is likewise. Sweden is all about design, class and good touch and that’s what the new away shirt represents. adidas chose to go back in time to make a fresh interpretation of an iconic design - take a look at the classy shirt below.

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Talking about classy shirts - Let’s take a step back and keep it simple - just like Russia. The new away shirt for Russia is simple and beautiful and yet classy. adidas keeps it simple with an all white shirt, with a red and blue band across the front of the shirt, which continues onto the sleeves - representing the colours of Russia.

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