PUMA Spectra | Great is everywhere


Written by Sandra

PUMA launches a brand new pack for the final stages of European tournaments and the EURO 2020. It’s called Spectra and is launched with the tagline ‘Great is everywhere’ - but how is that so? Let’s dive into it!

We’re all eagerly waiting for the EURO’s to kick off and so are PUMA. They just couldn’t wait till summer and are therefore already launching their EURO 2020 pack - Spectra pack.


The Spectra Pack

The newest pack from PUMA is called Spectra and it is here to make you believe in yourself. PUMA wants you to believe that you’re not just good - you are great! You are, what you believe and you can be great everywhere. No matter what. Better said in PUMA’s own words:

“Great is everywhere. It’s in the streets and the cages and the parks and the promise you make to yourself: to never look back and never back down. No matter what. Great starts when you look past mediocre, ok and good.”

With a great mindset comes great colours. The Spectra pack is made in a bright brilliant graphic, with inspiration from bands of refracted colours, which will help you to see beyond the ordinary and push you to create meaningful moments in football. All the way from the final rounds of the club seasons to the finals of major international championships.

The pack will include both Future Z and Ultra - for the second time in history. Now take a look at the great boots and read about the boots’ techs below.

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PUMA Future Z

We are beginning to be quite known about the techs of Future Z. But that doesn’t mean, that we shouldn’t take a quick step-through the number one choice for Neymar Jr. The techs on Future Z 1.1 provides you the ultimate fit and agility with the compression band across the mid-foot, better known as FUZIONFIT+. The outsole is made with the Dynamic Motion, which will anchor your foot with its asymmetrical look. The Grip Control gives you the optimal touch on the ball and secures the ball control. So there are no excuses for not taking control of the game and not being creative!

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PUMA Ultra

PUMA Ultra is categorized as a speed boot - and a quick look at the techs explains why. With lightweight MATRYXEVO technology on the upper, which gives a fast forward motion, PUMA Ultra is made for quick players. But that’s not all. The SpeedUnit outsole gives you an acceleration as never before and to complete the boot, the GripControl on the upper gives you perfect control of the ball. All these three things combined, you’re good to go (and even doing it really fast).

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Who is wearing the PUMA Spectra?

The boots will be worn by all PUMA-endorsed players in the EURO’s, but you’ll also see PUMA-players wearing Spectra pack in the final games of Champions League and Europa League. So if we have to mention a few, you’ll probably see the likes of Antoine Griezmann wearing the PUMA Ultra Spectra and Neymar Jr. wearing Future Z Spectra.

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