adidas x Marvel | X-men is taking over the football world


Written by Sandra

The world we all wished we lived in - or at least were a part of - is making an entrance to our world - the world of football. Two of the most popular adidas boots linked to one of the most successful comic franchises - Marvel’s X-Men.

Bound to be explosive

adidas x Marvel

You might have heard about the adidas x Marvel collection before. Back in 2019, we saw the Nemeziz 19+ in a Spiderman version. This was one of the craziest collabs in adidas’ history, according to us. If you can’t remember it, then we will gladly tell you about it - Spiderman is known for his spider web and that's exactly what boots look like. You’ll see the spider web in the front of the boot, in red, where you’ll see the dark blue on the back end of the boot. And what do these two colours give you? Spiderman. But enough of the previous Marvel boot, let’s dig into the new boots - yes there’s two this time. Take a look at the pictures below and we’ll look into the details of the boots. And hey - please take an extra look at the soleplates of both boots - they’re mind blowing.

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adidas X Ghosted Cyclops

The first boot is the X Ghosted combined with the X-Men character Cyclops (Scott Summers), who is a legendary character from comic books and is a founding member of the X-Men. But why have adidas chosen to bring X Ghosted together with Cyclops? According to adidas, the two were put together because of their similarities. Cyclops sleek tech look, powerful beams of energy and the light coming out of his eyes makes him one of the fastest. Just like X Ghosted. The boot will be in blue/red/yellow and the name ‘Cyclops’ will be printed on the side of the boots and there will be an image of Cyclops on the back of the right boot. If you want to be as fast as Cyclops, then these are definitely the boots for you.

Get the adidas X Ghosted Cyclops right here and be the lightest and fastest of them all.

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adidas Predator Freak Wolverine

We all know the Predator Freak and Wolverine for themselves. But imagine these two combined! It must be the strongest combination ever. But what’s the connection between the Predator Freak and Wolverine? That’s an easy question. He is the most important character in the X-Men family and so is the Predator for adidas. So there’s that. Besides that his claws also embodies the DNA of the Predator. To us, there isn’t a more perfect match than this. The looks of it doesn’t fail either - the yellow/silver metallic/black and blue is the definition of Wolverine and X-Men. On the back of the boot, you’ll see two logos of Wolverine and X-Men and on the top of the sock, you’ll see ‘Wolverine’ printed, together with ‘X-Men’ written on the side. Are you seeking to be the strongest on your team - or are you already the strongest - then these boots are made for you!

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