New away kits for EURO | PUMA launches their Legacy shirts


Written by Sandra

It’s always exciting to see what the brands come up with, when big tournaments are closing in - and this time it’s PUMA who are launching their away kits for this summer’s biggest tournament. The Euro’s - let’s take a look at them!

We all love a new design on shirts for the international teams - but this one is something special. PUMA launches a never before seen design approach, which is inspired by the brand’s DNA and the drive to push sport forward.

But how will PUMA take another approach to the design of football shirts? Well, their effort is to reinvent tradition in their own terms. Giving the shirts a whole new fresh look, where both logo and and the team name are in the middle of the shirt, instead of on the side, like we normally see.

The Legacy away kits include shirts for Italy, Austria, Czech Republic and Switzerland. Let’s take a look at the shirt below.

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We’ll start off with the shirt for Italy. As mentioned above, the shirt has a very special design, where everything is centered in the middle. Here you see ‘ITALIA’ written in navy blue in the middle. On both sides of the text, you’ll see stripes in the colours of the Italian flag. But that’s not all, the Italian logo is also placed in the center of the shirt, above the text, next to the PUMA logo. It’s definitely a sleek design for the Italians.

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Let’s go a little further up to the northeast on the world map, to Austria. This shirt is going all black. You’ll see the similarity to the Italian shirt but it still has its very own special design. In the middle you’ll see the text ‘Österrich’ written, with the PUMA logo above. The stripes on both sides of the text is white and red, just like Austria’s flag. But where’s the logo? It’s actually all over front of the shirt. Instead of being placed above the text, the logo is printed into the shirt's front in black. You’ll also see the logo on the back of the neck.

You can buy the national shirt for Austria the 24th of April.

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If you look at the pictures above, you’ll see the Czech Republic national shirt. With the same design as the other two shirts, ‘Czech Republic’ is written in the middle of the shirt. The PUMA logo is still being placed above, but this time, the national logo is placed underneath the text. The stripes on this shirt is in red and the text is blue. White, red and blue shirt is sure to represent the Czech Republic at the Euro’s.

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Last, but not least - Switzerland away shirt. This comes in white as well, as most of the other shirts. The Swiss flag is white and red and that’s what this away shirt is trying to express. The text in the middle says ‘Suisse’ and is made in white, alongside with the stripes on the sides. Above you’ll see the PUMA logo and beneath you’ll see the country’s logo, also in red. In the neck you can see the logo of ‘Swiss Football Association’.

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