Arsenal away shirt 2021/22 | adidas launches new shirt for the Gunners


Written by Sandra

There’s just something special about away shirts, either they fail or succeed. Since Arsenal and adidas got back together it has been nothing but successful - especially when looking at their away shirts. This one doesn’t fail either. Read more about it here!


Tradition is the perfect word to describe the new away shirt for Arsenal. And what is more traditional for an away shirt than the colour yellow? Nothing. We’ve seen so many yellow away shirts from the good old days - and this shirt takes its inspiration from the 1971 away shirt and the 1989 away shirt.


Arsenal away shirt

But, that’s not all. For the first time since 1991, adidas has replaced the current Arsenal logo, which you’ll see on their 2020/21 Home Shirt, with the iconic cannon! Inside the collar, you’ll see a special label with the logo of ‘Arsenal for Everyone’, which launched in 2008, and is an initiative to promote diversity.

Arsenal has traditionally won in yellow - from Wembley in ‘71 to Anfield in ‘89 - and that’s what this shirt represents. The shirt comes in light yellow, with navy logos and stripes. On the sleeve there’s a bold navy stripe, with a little red stripe at the end. A very nice design, which hopefully will bring Arsenal back to the top of English football.

Bring the past into the future with the Arsenal away shirt 2021/22 - buy it at Unisport right here