Game Mode | adidas launches new sustainable silo


Written by Sandra

Introducing a whole new football concept - Game Mode. Giving all footballers the possibility to express their values on the playing field. Read more about the sustainable silo right here!


A new concept to the world of football, that is what adidas have done with their newest silo - Game mode. The silo will be the most democratic football boot in the game, celebrating a more human side of football and giving you the ultimate choice to express yourself on the pitch - no matter who you are. Game Mode is adidas’ playful corner of executions, for the everyday football player to choose freely.

But, what do they mean by ‘sustainable boot’? Well the boots in Game Mode are made with at least 50% recyclable plastic. Besides that super approach, the boots are at a lower price point.

And we’re still not done surprising you - there are two more modes under Game Mode - Sustain Mode, which focuses on plastic waste and then there’s Love Mode, which embraces the LGBTQIA+ community and let’s start off with the latter.



Love Mode is made to support the LGBTQIA+ community and embrace the D.I.Y (Do It Yourself) culture in the community - here to embrace themselves, whether it’s through zines, apparel, art or even football boots. Therefore, this mode consists of a boot, indoor shoe and apparel wear.

The boot comes in white, covered with colours and people in different shapes and sizes. On the side there’s a round logo with the text ‘End plastic waste’. Supporting the sustainability concept. The indoor shoe comes in all black, with the classic three adidas stripes on the side, in the same design from the boot - colourful. It also has the same logo on the side, as the boot. Last but not least, the colourful and embracing apparel wear. The clothes come in the Tiro 21 range and there will be everything from t-shirts and jackets to pants. The products will have the same design as the boot and hold the text ‘Love unites’.

You can get the Love Mode collection right here at Unisport

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Sustain mode is focusing on sustainability in terms of ending plastic waste. The Primegreen boots are made from at least 50% recycled plastic on the textile upper. Sustain Mode will have two boots. The first one being completely green, with white adidas stripes on the sides and on this boot you’ll also find the ‘End plastic waste’ logo on the back side. The other boot will actually be just the opposite, completely white, with green stripes on the side, also having the logo on the back side.

Go green and buy adidas’ sustainable boots at Unisport!

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